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Team Building

gra miejska


City games are becoming a very popular and original form of sightseeing. In our offer, we have some interesting proposals for such attractions in various parts of Krakow (Old Town, Kazimierz, Nowa Huta). Participants learn about the city and its history by performing different tasks and reaching places that are in vain to find in tourist guides. Each game is played according to the original scenario, which can be adapted to the preferences of guests.

Available in languages: Polish and English.

Location: Krakow and its surroundings

Group: from 10 people

Duration: 2-3 hours

gra scenariuszowa


Original and urban game  “The Road to Freedom”, plays with history.  The action takes place in Nowa Huta and includes a series of tasks to solve, which refer to old times, for example: the exchange of currencies on the street, the repair of Trabant, and military activities in the nuclear shelter. The whole program is run by experienced animators. “The Road to Freedom” is a great form of integration for groups, combined with a history lesson.

Location: within the borders of Kraków

Group: up to 100 people

Duration: approx. 2.5 hours + travel time

wyścig z czasem


The original scenario game, whose main task is to decode a mysterious suitcase, with a time mechanism. Each team receives its mysterious red suitcase and at a given time, they should find the right code to “disarms” the box. The game requires ingenuity, cleverness, intelligence, and intuition.

The game consists of many interesting tasks. The game can take place indoors and outdoors and it can be an element of a city game.

Available in languages: Polish and English.

Location: indoors or outdoors

Group: 10-80 people

Duration: approx. 2-3 hours


An excellent idea for creative integration. Participants get involved in developing and activating the Rude Goldberg machine in which one ball activates the entire, complicated mechanism. All elements of the device are linked together to produce a domino effect. The participant’s task is to build and connect all elements so the machine can work flawlessly. The final result is always stunning and is an effect of perfect teamwork, coordination, inventiveness, and team management.

Available in languages: Polish and English.

Location: on-site, any room of at least 100 m2

Group: 30-100 people

Duration: 2-3 hours

warsztaty aktorskie


It is an original form of integration combined with practicing many skills necessary in the contemporary professional career. Drama workshops consist in staging a scenario under the supervision of an experienced actor and director and they give their participants a unique opportunity to make their debut on a stage. They give an opportunity to show original behaviors and finding solutions. During self-presentation and voice emission workshops, on the other hand, participants acquire priceless skills and get instructions that they will find very useful at work and in their professional development. Workshops are hosted by experienced authors.

Available in languages: Polish and English.

Location: on-site, any room of at least 40 m2

Group: 10-40 people

Duration: 3-5 hours

warsztaty filmowe


The historic Guido Mine is a perfect place for a unique event. It could be a team-building “Miners’ shift” the participants of which play the roles of real pitmen. The game is very authentic since it is held in old underground pits among real mining machines and the participants have an opportunity to get tired and even dirty. It is an event for courageous people ready to face unusual challenges.

Available in languages: Polish and English.

Location: film location

Group: 30-100 people

Duration: approx. 4-6 hours + travel time

gotowanie warsztaty


Cooking and culinary art have been very trendy recently. We offer interactive workshops with the best chefs. Participants will learn cooking secrets, tricks, and skills that they can later use in their everyday life. The workshops end with a banquet for all participants. An additional benefit is that after the workshops their participants can boast of their newly acquired skills before their family and friends. It is a perfect team-building exercise that is not only a source of pleasure but is also very practical.

Available in languages: Polish and English.

Location: Kraków

Group: 15-50 people

Duration: approx. 3-4 hours + travel time

warsztaty ekologiczne


Ecology is becoming more and more important in our lives. Therefore, we suggest to our clients the organization of exciting and original ecological workshops, where we show how to upcycle garbage, for example, PET bottles. Together with the DEKOEKO specialists, we organize many exciting activities, eg self-irrigating plastic bottles, jewellery from recycled wicker, and many more.

Available in languages: Polish and English.

Location: indoor or outdoor

Group: from 20 people

Duration: approx. 2 hours


Unusual, unique, and exclusive workshops for women. Participants of the workshops learn how to make a professional makeup and then every participant has an individual photographic session with a professional photographer. Participants learn the secrets of makeup and styling secrets and then pose for studio photographs. After the workshops, all participants receive a set of finished, digitally processed photographs which they can use for any purpose. It is an event during which every woman will feel beautiful and unique.

Available in languages: Polish and English.

Location: on-site, any room of at least 40 m2 or a rented studio

Group: 6-30 people

Duration: approx. 3-5 hours

degustacja win


Near Kraków, in a magical place hidden among green hills there is a vineyard. It is a place where enological workshops are organized, combined with tasting of organic wines and natural local products. The event includes a visit to the vineyard, becoming familiar with the winemaking process, and with the types and methods of correct wine tasting. It is combined with testing of 5 local wines, cider, and natural oils pressed in the vineyard. Additionally, participants get a chance to taste local cold meats and snacks.

Available in languages: Polish, English, and French

Location: near Wieliczka

Group: 5-30 people

Duration: approx. 3-4 hours


This is a field game that involves participants in finding special points and hidden places. People are divided into small groups and equipped with compasses and traditional maps. Additionally, on the way are placed special meeting points with special tasks to do. The team that will find all the points and perform all tasks in the shortest time, wins. The game is run by experienced animators introducing the tasks and taking care of the participants. There is also a night version of this game.

Available in languages: Polish and English.

Location: outdoors

Group: 20-100 people

Duration: approx. 2-3 hours + travel time

team building


“Seventh element” is a unique mobile ESCAPE ROOM. The game can be played outdoors or in a building. Participants are divided into teams consisting of 5-6 people. Every team gets its own magic box with tasks. The box contains a dozen or so different tasks. Solving those tasks will allow a team to find the secret code to open a small door. Behind that door, there is a clue for the final task.

Available in languages: Polish and English.

Location: on-site, any room of at least 50 m2

Group: 20-100 people

Duration: approx. 2.5-3 hours

budowanie miasta


It is an original team-building event that gives its participants much satisfaction and childlike joy. The goal is to reconstruct a prehistoric settlement and the history of its establishment. Every team builds the model of their assigned part of the prehistoric village using the provided materials (clay, modeling clay, strings, beads, straw, sticks, etc.). In the end all individual models are combined to create one spectacular settlement and every team reads its own version of the legend about the establishment of the village. The program perfectly combines planning, teamwork, communication, and creativity in various fields.

Available in languages: Polish and English.

Location: on-site, any room of at least 80 m2

Group: 30-50 people

Duration: approx. 2 hours

komandosi gra terenowa


“Commandos in action” is an original field game in the type of military training ground. Participants are dressed in special uniforms, like commandos. The team divided into platoons performs a series of tasks, like: drills, overcoming terrain obstacles, rescue action, mine clearing, shooting from various types of weapons, or construction of a raft.

“Commandos in action” is the perfect toy for active and adventurous people. The game engages all participants and leaves an unforgettable experience.

Available languages: Polish and English

Location: any outdoor location

Group: 20-100 people


Professional firearm shooting training at the largest shooting range in Kraków. You can choose from a dozen or so types of guns and different team-building programs. The training is carried out under the supervision of our experienced staff who host the event and ensure participants’ security. The shooting training is preceded by a short theoretical introduction and the entire event is adapted to the participants’ experience.

Available in languages: Polish and English.

Location: in the territory of Kraków

Group: 10-50 people

Duration: approx. 3 hours (including travel time)

star wars


A space race is an extensive integration for groups. The aim of the game is to win the competition with self-built vehicles. In the first part, participants divided into teams of several people, build unusual wheeled carts, which finally will take part in a space race. The team whose vehicle will pass the route in the shortest time and will reach the finishing line entirely, wins. Fun requires dexterity, ingenuity, fantasy, and good team cooperation.

Available in languages: Polish and English.

Location: outdoors

Group: 30-100 people

Duration: approx. 2-3 hours


On the outskirts of Kraków, there is a professional racing track where not only can you drive a go-cart but also participate in professional training to improve your driving skills and learn how to cope with skids on the road or even learn to drive a real race car. Apart from that the facility offers various programs in which under the guidance of specialists you can feel like in a real rally.

Available in languages: Polish and English.

Location: in the territory of Kraków

Group: 3-50 people

Duration: 3 hours or more, including travel time

DJ zabawa taneczna


We offer a wide range of music specials that will rock the house: experienced DJs, DVJs mixing music and videos, fantastic cover bands. Music perfectly adapted to every age group, comprising nearly every music style and the music of all times: pop, rock, rap, jazz from the 50s to the latest hits. We work only with experienced and reliable musicians.

Available in languages: Polish and English.

Duration: depending on the customer’s needs

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