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    Online events

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    ONLINE company meetings
    Remote and hybrid events.
    Conferences, presentations, integrations and other events.

    We offer a variety of original online training and workshops as well as hybrid meetings. For our implementation, we use specialized IT systems that give a wide scope of possibilities, from inviting and registering participants, through interactive activities and attractions, to summaries, analysis and statistics after the end of the event.

    A wide scope of topics will allow everyone to find something for themselves – both in the field of interesting integration meetings and professional training with experienced trainers. Each of the classes or activities is adapted to the specific requirements of the client and we rely on a preliminary analysis of issues and needs.

    We also offer professional hybrid meetings with implementation in a rented studio or at the company premises. We work only with professionals who ensure the highest quality of performance, implementation and communication. Cameras, microphones, lighting, scenery – we will take care of these (and other) elements of the meeting.

    Online cabaret

    One of the most original online events was an interactive, improvised cabaret show. The event was adjusted to the client’s specificity and conducted in a hybrid version. More details – in the “Case studies” tab.

    If you plan to organize a simple online conference, using widely available and well-known applications, you will certainly do it yourself. However, if you expect something more complicated, at a higher level and with a guarantee of perfect service – contact us!

    We are open to your suggestions – our offer is called “tailor-made” for a reason. We will try to organize a meeting or classes that will be fully tailored to your requirements!

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