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    Healthy integration

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    New, original ideas for team reintegration.

    Relaxation, health, unwinding, motivation, efficiency.
    These are our latest and unique ideas for corporate integration meetings.
    After months of working online, after the lack of direct contact with a living person and the stress related to a pandemic, de-stress and a new impulse to act are needed.



    Take care of your health and relax in the Wieliczka Salt Mine Health Resort, 135m underground!

    Body&Salt is a complex program which contains, among others, an active rest, breathing exercises in a healthy microclimate of the mine, improvement of physical condition and decreasing the negative effects of stress, lack of exercise and isolation caused by the pandemic.

    The cleanest air saturated with salty particulars and a unique microclimate empower relaxation and improvement of well-being. A deep breath in a salt mine is a healthy dose of pleasure.

    Our program is:The program includes:
    • gymnastic exercises – relief for your spine
    • relaxation techniques with elements of breathing exercises
    • individual exercises (available: steppers, treadmill, cross trainers, stationary bikes)
    • lecture “Breathing and physical activity and the quality of life, or how to get up from the couch”
    • transport from Krakow (roundtrip)

    Attention! Several hours completely OFFLINE!

    Promotional price from PLN 195 net/person. (including transport from Krakow – roundtrip).
    Ask us for available dates:

    Body Awareness

    Do you live in a constant rush and are you stressed?

    Are you fed up with the pandemic and all this “confusion”?

    Does your body need rest and new energy?


    If you’ve answered “YES” to at least one question, you should do something for yourself and your health!

    Contact us and book the “Body Awareness” program, and we will show you how you can easily improve your health and psycho-physical well-being on an everyday basis. This stay will be a lesson and a workshop for you which will open you up to a different quality of life. Three days is enough to feel better.

    Impossible? Try it and see for yourself.


    The program includes:

    • two nights
    • treatments
    • special therapeutic gymnastics
    • Salt Normobaric Chamber therapy
    • special deacidification diet
    • lecture
    • transport from Krakow (roundtrip)


    Promotional price from 800 PLN net / person.

    Ask us for a free date:


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